Welcome to Cocomar Beachfront Hotel

Welcome to Cocomar Beachfront Hotel

Hotel Cocomar is conveniently located between a lush estuary of biodiversity and the Pacific Ocean here in Playa Palo Seco, Costa Rica. With nothing between you and the ocean, except a few palm trees, we are the very definition of paradise and one of the best kept secrets in the Central Pacific where you can experience magical sunsets. The beach itself is a staggering 11 kilometers (6.83 miles) and is almost entirely surrounded by unspoiled flora and fauna. The beauty of staying with us here at Cocomar Beachfront Hotel is that you can experience the true benefits and joy of being immersed in nature without sacrificing your everyday luxuries.


All our rooms have air conditioning, an elegant decoration, hot showers, safety boxes, cable television, free wi-fi services, spacious bathrooms and internal spaces that exceed the average size of hotel rooms in the country. , which will allow you a comfortable and pleasant stay.



We have fully furnished family rooms and include kitchen, living room for those who want to join us for a longer time and have all the comforts in the company of their loved ones.


We are responsible with the environment, our facilities have 293 solar panels that provide around 90% of our electricity, which greatly reduces our carbon footprint.


Our own water well and its water purification system are responsible for producing and distributing water to the entire beautiful property of the Hotel, which is recycled and purified again to be used in our irrigation systems, our cleaning products have ecological and biodegradable certificates (effective against COVID-19, other viruses and bacteria). We hope to see you soon!



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We stayed there for 5 nights, on our long awaited honeymoon! Cocomar is in a very secluded area, on gravel path not really near shops or busy towns. The room itself was amazing very clean, and well kept a very minimalistic lifestyle. The maid service would come tidy up and give fresh towels daily. We loved waking up to the beautiful beach right outside and enjoying free breakfast. At the time the Chef was new so they were still working on meals and recipes with him. All the staff were so accommodating and made us feel right at home. Booky123 - Staten Island, New York

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  • Address:  Playa Palo Seco, 150 metros sureste de Escuela Primaria, Parrita, Puntarenas, Costa Rica
  • Phone:  +506 4052 0420
  • Mobile:  +506 8505 1753