About Cocomar Hotel

Welcome to Cocomar Beachfront Hotel

Cocomar Beachfront Hotel is one of the most charming hidden gems on the Pacific Coast of Costa Rica. All our rooms have A/C, elegant decoration, cable TV, and one of the fastest WiFi Internet services that you can find at a beachside hotel. Our large and spacious baths and rooms exceed the average room size of other hotels. And if that was not enough, our rooms come with wide balconies with beach or garden views where you can enjoy the relaxing ocean sound.

Our pool has different water depth levels and an area especially for kids. There is a pool beverage service provided by our restaurant and guests are allowed to enjoy their drinks in the pool. However, the best of Cocomar Beachfront Hotel is our beach. The Palo Seco beach is one of the best-kept secrets of Central Pacific. It is a long and clean beach with numerous palm trees, secluded beach with soft sand and with no rocks. The beach is in front of our Hotel which has beach chairs, a beach volleyball field, and it is just a few steps away from the rooms and the Hotel’s pool. During your stay, we recommend you the magical sunsets of Palo Seco beach, they will take your breath away!


Isla Palo Seco Costa Rica

Palo Seco Beach

Palo Seco Beach is the ideal place for your Costa Rican vacation! Cocomar Hotel is located on Playa Palo Seco in the Central Pacific Region of Costa Rica between Manuel Antonio National Park and Jaco Beach. Playa Palo Seco is a continental beach formed by a 6.2-mile stretch of sandy beach and backed by a magnificent mangrove that is home to many of Costa Rica’s wildlife.

The considerably long beach is excellent for sunbathing, walking along the shore and other activities.  A wide estuary practically surrounds it and, together with the ocean, forms Palo Seco Beach. The estuary’s excellent climate and environment make it highly favorable for fishing, long walks on the beach, boat trips and bike rides along the Palo Seco beach.

Gastronomy Cocomar

Indulge in Costa Rican and International dishes at Cocomar’s restaurant.  Set in a tropical atmosphere, the restaurant at Cocomar Beachfront Hotel allows you to enjoy delicious cuisine by our excellent chef Brenden Castro Cetiliano while enjoying the sea breeze and peaceful pool scenery. Prefer room service? For no additional charge, we can serve you directly to your spacious and comfortable rooms. Our ingredients are locally purchased and always fresh.  Most of the vegetables and fruits are grown organically on hotel grounds and the fish bought directly from the local fishermen. The restaurant’s chef can accommodate food allergies and/or food preferences including vegetarian and vegan dishes, gluten-free and a kids menu. Our restaurant is open from 7:00 AM-10:00 PM so that you can enjoy our artistic and delicious gastronomy all day.

Hotel Cocomar amigable con el ambiente

Cocomar Beachfront Hotel Goes Eco-Friendly

It is Cocomar’s mission to be a green and ecologically responsible hotel while providing a dream vacation for our guests.  Recently at Cocomar, we have installed solar panels on the Hotel’s roofs to produce close to 100% of the electricity used by the Hotel. We are proud to say that our use of solar panels as well as replacing all of our light bulbs with LED lights has significantly reduced our ecological footprint.  In addition to these efforts, Cocomar also treats its blackwater on the Hotel grounds. This allows us to reuse it for watering our beautiful gardens.  Also at Cocomar Hotel, we grow our own organic fruits and vegetables.  These naturally grown fruits and vegetables are served in our Hotel restaurant.


Cocomar Hotel is eco-friendly