Cocomar: Costa Rica Yoga Retreat

Cocomar Hotel offers one of the most peaceful Costa Rica yoga retreats you can find. Our Hotel is full of therapeutic and spiritual activities for the whole family. Our beach Yoga program introduces an alternative way of living to the chaos we face in our daily lives of Socialism. Our mission is to be a place of transformation, where we are encouraged to improve the style of our individual and community life through yoga poses on the beach, different beach yoga classes and workshops we offer.


We promote discipline and perseverance to foster personal growth and increase global consciousness. We seek to achieve a change in the global situation, starting from the inside out. We always make sure to provide yoga classes for beginners or advanced practitioners (yogi) with enough encouragement so that they can serve as a light of hope in their families and therefore in their community as well. Together we know we can achieve peace and harmony to expand among all human beings by setting specific intentions and goals for each class in order to continue re-educating ourselves as human beings.

This service must be coordinated with the Hotel beforehand

Benefits of Yoga

Practices of integrative Yoga on the beach are ideal for the handling of labor stress, increasing the general welfare and the prevention of health disorders. Our yoga programs are aimed to improve the individual and the behaviors and harmony with their workplace, which have proven very effective. It is well known that a few hours a week or short daily routines of yoga not only reduce stress but significantly improve relationships and decrease the incidence of psychosomatic diseases.


Different Yoga Techniques

Our yoga instructors teach a variety of yoga techniques for beginners or advanced individuals and it is a secular practice which provides yoga practitioners with a complete freedom towards the aspects of their beliefs and lifestyle, and conceptual tools that help in creating positive and harmonious attitudes. You are invited to come and join our beach yoga sessions in this magical Costa Rica yoga retreat. We will always be having dynamic yoga teaching practices on the beach with vibrational techniques and chants of Gaia Yoga, one of the most ancient techniques of yoga and meditation. Our physical yoga therapy uses mixed techniques and a resulting combination of Kundalini, Ashtanga, Hatha Yoga and more!! Each yoga practice will be giving us more internal and external balance; we will discover a greater appreciation and connection with the divine and vital energy of “Prana”; our breath; our vitality.


Our beach yoga family provides a compassionate, supportive, social environment. Together we support each other through physical, personally and Costa Rica Yoga Retreat - Beach Yoga Retreat Costa Rica

emotional growth with great joy! Each member of this Costa Rica yoga retreat will undergo a radically positive transformation of letting go of the old that may no longer serve, in order to accept, acknowledge, express, enjoy, purify, strengthen and rediscover the divine that is within themselves and constant universal change. We come to learn that nothing, no person or foreign matter outside of ourselves will provide us with a source of happiness or fulfillment. Nothing outside of yourself can fill the emptiness and loneliness that sometimes exists and arises within. There is a very profound essence we must rediscover within in order to truly be independent, wise and constantly motivated. This is the divine source of our pure nature. Outside love and external appreciation is never truly gained, that’s just a gift that cannot be controlled. We cannot create or control the love of others, but self-love! It does not matter if you are from Costa Rica or another country, yoga is universal, come and practice it in one of the most beautiful beaches and spiritual yoga retreats in Costa Rica, and enjoy the health benefits of doing yoga.